Taking Steps Towards Happiness - 1 hour

Description: This talk will introduce you to how low moods may lead to depression, signs of low mood and the diagnostic criteria for depression. Through a case study, you will also discuss whether the experience of a person is a case of low mood or depression.

You will also get to know what are the factors that can affect your mood and learn how you can effectively respond to stressful situations.

You will learn: To understand the differences between low mood and depression and have the ability to overcome stressful situations and find happiness despite facing challenges.


Occupational Stress and Coping with Changes at Work - 1 hour

Description: This talk will introduce you to organizational change, occupational stress and its impact. You will also understand why people respond to changes differently due to intolerance of uncertainty and personality variables. With an increased awareness of your own stress triggers and responses, you can then understand how you can choose to respond to stress in helpful and unhelpful ways, equipping you with stress management tips and strengthening your coping skills.

You will learn: To control emotions before the emotions control you.


Introduction to Mindfulness and Stress Reduction - 1 hour or 2 hours

Description: This workshop will share the origins and benefits of mindfulness in overcoming stress. After learning about the concepts of mindfulness, you will be given the opportunity to practice the mindfulness techniques so as to apply them in your everyday lives. There will also be a mindful eating practice and it is a way to enable you to detach from the stressors in your life and enjoy the experience of eating.

In the two-hour workshop, you will also be introduced to mindful breathing and body scan.

You will learn: To manage difficult emotions and build resilience, equip yourself with effective stress management skills, and build up on personal resilience.


Effective Communication Skills & Supporting Your Staff in Difficult Times - 1 hour or 2 hours

Description: In this talk, you will be introduced to common emotional and mental health issues in the workplace and the importance of communication skills in reaching out to staff by giving and gathering good information and providing mutual respect.

In the two-hour workshop, you will go through an activity to highlight aspects of good communication. You will also be able to practice communication skills learnt through role-plays, and provision of feedback by our facilitator and other attendees.

You will learn: To be able to recognise common mental health issues, how to support your staff in need, start a conversation, and show appropriate supportive leadership. You will be able to manage difficult emotions and build staff’s resilience.