3 Benefits Of Exercising For Your Employees

If you are reading this, I would like to assume that you are an employer who cares about your employees’ health (aww…). Or maybe you are an employee hoping that this can be a good post to share with your employer so that you receive more employee benefits when it comes to health. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint either one of you. Let’s start!


Boomz. Seriously, which employer doesn’t want that? Big companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have amazing wellness benefits for their employees. This includes a free gym membership with the gym in close proximity, at their office building or in their own office.

Of course, I’m not saying you must build a gym in your office (duh), but it does explain why people are more inclined and motivated to work at such companies. It is also proven that exercise improves productivity which contributes to the growth of the company.

As an employer, you can do your part to raise awareness on health and stress on the importance of exercise to your employees. As simple as just organizing talks and fitness events for your company, you can reap the benefits from investing in your employees.


Employees on sick leave will not only affect productivity but is also costly, due to covering the cost of hiring temporary staff or if other employees have to bear the extra workload, it could lead to overwork, stress, and then taking more MC.

Not only does it benefit the employer, but also as an employee, money can be saved on consultations with the doctor and time not wasted from waiting for their turn in the clinic. Employees can also avoid feeling miserable and stressed over the piling workload that they have to handle once they get back to work.

As simple as just increasing the number of steps you clock in daily, it is already the first step to promote exercise! I know of companies that organised a internal steps challenge for their employees. Individuals and teams with the highest number of steps at the end of each month was rewarded. This motivated everyone to encourage one another, which increased employees interaction and bonding! Killing two birds with one stone, isn’t that a great idea?


If you are one of those employers who does not believe in work-life balance, does not exercise, but expects your employees to just work like a cow and lead the same lifestyle as you, please stop reading. Unless you are the total opposite, or maybe you were once like that and would like to make a change (that’s why you are reading this now), THAT’S AMAZING. I approve, keep reading.

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins. They are chemicals which react in your brain, reducing your perception of pain and triggers positive emotions. You will be able to experience quality sleep which then leads to reduced stress.

As simple as that, just from exercising, it will lead to even higher productivity, less sick leave, happier employees and many more. So have you considered doing something about the health and wellness at your workplace yet?

If you are unsure how you can kick start a healthier lifestyle for your employees or if you are on a budget, you need to check out the SME HEALTH+ program now! Health Promotion Board is co-funding up to 70% off corporate health programs till June 2019 only. GO GO GO!

Till next time <3

-Gina Chan
Founder of SgFitFam

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