HIIT2oH Instructor

Victoria gets really excited when she sees her students sweat, smile and enjoy her classes. She started out as a certified Zumba instructor in the US and have been teaching Zumba classes in the last 4 years. She has been getting some really positive feedback but some of her younger and older students have been complaining about knee problems and injuries from land workouts. 

While trying to figure out ways to offer the same class without the pains of a rigorous workout, Victoria stumbled upon aqua classes and noticed that it was the perfect solution to her students' complaints and hence have decided to become a certified Aqua Aerobics instructor. Besides being SGFITFAM's HIIT2oH instructor, Victoria also teaches aqua classes at Nayang Polytechnic.

When she's not working out with her students, Victoria is a world explorer, a baker and a huge fan of musicals.


  • Zumba Fitness

  • Zumba Gold

  • Zumba Kids

  • Aqua Aerobics Instructor (FISAF)