Not only do we pride ourselves in going the extra mile with all the services we provide, we really want to create an environment where you're an integral part of the SgFitFam-ily. Here are some of the love our past and current clients have show us. We hope their words will encourage you to become a part of us! 


Gina is a really friendly, inspiring, and knowledgeable personal trainer. She always has a smile on her face and never stops encouraging me to achieve my fitness goals. Even when I'm really exhausted and don't think I can do any more, she'll motivate me to complete my last few reps. There's really a huge sense of satisfaction from improving in strength and fitness at every session! I never exercised before taking Pilates and PT sessions with Gina, but she really tailored the sessions so they were manageable but challenging. Thanks to Gina sharing her knowledge of diet, exercise, and physiology, I've become more confident and able to live a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and highly recommend her PT services!


My awesome trainer, dietician, physiotherapist and friend, Gina Chan! THANK YOU for your guidance the past year. You've instilled in me the kind of confidence in myself that I never would have dreamed about before I started training. You have pushed me to a limit I never knew existed in me. I can boldly say I'm stronger, fitter, healthier, can balance much better and perhaps a tad more agile now. 


Worked out with Gina for only 2 weeks but the results were amazing. She was very patient, encouraging and really looked out for you to achieve your goal. Really recommended!

Chung Ting Fai

At our weekly workout today I realise exercise help us connect to each other in different ways. When we exercise together, we’re at our most human -we’re sweating and pushing our limits. Knowing each other on this authentic level builds trust and respect in a way that no contrived team building session ever could. Thanks to SgFitFam and Gina Chan.


I was introduced to Gina Chan, founder of SGFITFAM by a schoolmate of mine back in April this year. As someone who isn't really fitness-inclined, I was surprised to see myself coming back for their Pilates classes, a few bootcamps and even for their Family Day. Gina is one of those rare people who is genuinely invested in her clients' wellbeing and it's always a joy to have dinner with her and fellow participants after class. The personalised approach to training also creates a safe space for those who may feel conscious of themselves. I also appreciated her personal referral and follow up with a physiotherapist (Rehab Pro) for my back pain. The weekly therapy sessions have helped much. I hope Gina and the SGFITFAM family will continue to grow and bring more people into this nurturing group of fitness-tistas! 

Eva Aldea

Sad to be leaving Singapore and Gina!

If you are looking for a personal trainer and a slot with Gina just became free - grab it! Gina has been a superb personal trainer. I have seen great results and feel fitter and stronger than I have ever been. I had so much fun (even though it sometimes hurt)!

Gina really knows her stuff and is an excellent teacher. She is meticulous in making sure you learn the right form and at the same time pushing you just the right amount beyond what you thought you could do. She comes up with an appropriate, tailored and varied set of exercises while sessions were never get boring. She is super-professional, giving you 100% attention at your sessions, really down-to-earth, friendly and relaxed. Highly recommended!

Chin Mei

Well, a majority have the perception of expecting dramatic body results from just hiring a PT. (I'm one of the guilty ones..) and that explains why Gina had set my expectations right that she don't do magic. Everything is up to ones' perseverance and determination.. We are what we eat.

So after 3 months of HELL (the awesomest hell), from someone who can't even do a ladies' pushup, I could actually do the normal pushup now! Does 1 - 2 times count? I believe that gaining these strength and the well catered training had help in expanding my exercise limits!

Despite not losing any weight, I feel healthier as compared to before! Thanks Gina! :)


I've attended a number of Pilates classes while I was recovering from lower back injury. Gina and her fellow Pilates instructors were so understanding and patient!

Currently undergoing swim lessons from Eugene and some therapy sessions with Joe. I highly recommend SGFITFAM anyone who is looking for a good workout with professional instructors and a good environment


Gina is one of the most selfless people I've met and I've met a lot of people in my life. I've watch her for a brief period but I was instantly infected by her level of enthusiaism in helping others, be it in their fitness journies or their lives.

It doesn't matter what your goals are. Gina is more than 100% to work with you to achieve more than what you think your limit is. She truly understand the significance of a support system while staying focused but refuses to think there's no other way of getting there. 

What you're paying for is more than just her expertise and her network of professionals so be warned - you might just become a better person with her.


Gina has been a personal Friend of mine for 8 years. 

It is ALWAYS AWESOME knowing someone who’s passionate about her job & most importantly, relatable at the same time, which is what I admire most about about her.

Her personal vision and values can be seen through the way she runs her business. She does not only care about profits but genuinely wants to make fitness an enjoyable lifestyle for everyone from all walks of life.

She emphasises a lot on family and bonding which is great as achieving my fitness goals does not have to be so boring as everyone (in her weekly group class) is going through the same path towards leading a healthy lifestyle yet having fun at the same time! I’m also very grateful for meeting new people and friends through her weekly classes.

In addition, Gina puts in a lot of effort into her work with regards to fitness, diet and rehabilitation. 
She constantly upgrades herself in order to gain knowledge to help her clients on their fitness goals and overall holistic well being. 

She is also very patient, always generous with her knowledge to others and has been a great motivation. In fact, she has helped me out with my first diet plan this year to make healthy food choices, teaching me to prep my own meal, portion control and most importantly, leading a lifestyle in a sustainable way which I’ve seen progress in so far. 

I hope others could see Gina’s passion the way I could and start making some new year fitness plans through her program or personal training. Do support her! 😄👍🏻

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