Yoga Instructor

Sherron wanted to become a yoga instructor when she saw that there was an ageing population in Singapore and many of them do not keep themselves active. By becoming a yoga instructor, she hopes to spread the benefits of yoga to everyone around her, especially to the elderly. This gradually turned into her passion which kept her going.

As she has seen many yoga practitioners getting injured from doing yoga (including herself in the past), she realized the importance of having the knowledge in order to prevent injuries from happening. This led her to attain relevant certifications so that she can teach her students the proper way of practicing yoga. Her class usually begins with stretching and then moving on to cardio. When it comes to yoga poses, she strongly emphasizes on getting the postures right instead of rushing into it because after all, our muscles will need time to adapt. She also likes to maintain the traditional hatha yoga which is the safest practice. She loves to help anyone within her means. Seeing others getting injured from exercising motivates her to spread awareness of the proper way of doing yoga as people exercise to have better health but getting injured from doing it defeats the purpose.

Her interests ranges from doing handmade leather crafts and singing during her free time to being adventurous by travelling and exploring the world to gain new experiences.