At SgFitFam, we believe that no two persons are suited to a standard plan. With our individual training packages, we take into consideration what you want to achieve on your fitness journey and work with you to create an individual training plan that is best suited to reach your goals on your terms. Our integrated team is made up of different health and fitness professionals who will work closely to create the most holistic plan that caters to different aspects of your fitness journey.

While every plan is different, each begins with a FREE consultation with no obligations to commit.

sgfitfam personal training


A service unique to SgFitFam which brings a variety of fitness professionals together for the best advice and guidance. Depending on what you need,it includes personal trainers, nutritionists, sports coaches, yoga and more.

S$100 - S$135 per session


If you have been having pain in your joints and muscles for some time that may be affecting your daily activities or not to even mention during your workout, we strongly recommend to fix your pain before starting your fitness journey.

S$140 - S$160 per session

SgFitFam Specialist Team


  • Our trainers have at least 5 to 20 years of experience in their respective fields. You can expect to receive quality sessions specially catered to you.

  • Our Customized Personal Training Package allows you to ‘mix-and-match’ the types of specialists you require according to your goals at the standard price. The only service that requires top up is rehab (under premium services).

    E.g. One package of 24 sessions can consist of 20 session with a personal trainer + 4 sessions with our nutritionist.

  • PT sessions are held at your most convenient location as our team is located island wide in boutique gyms that are purely used for personal training only and you do not have to pay for any add on charges for gym memberships or entrance fees.



Nutrition Coaching
Strength And Conditioning
Triathlon Coach
Mind and Body


Movement & Myoskeletal Therapist
PT with Gina Chan, Founder of SgFitFam

To begin your fitness journey, contact us and book a FREE consultation!