Clinical psychologist

Haikal is a clinical psychologist specialising in adult mental health issues and relationship issues. He received his postgraduate training at the National University of Singapore under a government scholarship, and has been practicing as a psychologist for almost 10 years. He is skilled in various psychological therapies, including CBT, reality therapy, and schema therapy.

Apart from seeing clients in private practice, Haikal is also a highly sought out consultant for his expertise in mental health issues and human behaviour. He has appeared various television and radio shows to provide expert opinion on various topics. He also conducts mental health talks to improve public knowledge on mental well-being. His talks are often well-received as they are not only informative, but also practical and infused with a healthy dose of humour.

  • Master of Psychology (Clinical)

  • Certified Substance Abuse Therapist

  • Choice Therapy and Reality Therapy Certified