Pilates Instructor

Ingrid’s fitness journey started 5 years ago after her two pregnancies, which led her to try out Pilates. She confessed that she did not like it initially as it was new for her body and having weak core and pelvic floor muscles did not help. However, after a year of Pilates, she regained confidence to run and jump, and even went for Zumba classes. After going through this personal experience, she understood the importance of Pilates and knew that she wanted to help other mummies facing the same problem just like hers. This pointed her towards the direction of becoming a Pilates instructor, which led her to learn new things and grow as the instructor she is today.

She is passionate about her job and wishes that she can have more time with her students to educate and share precious information and knowledge with them. When teaching, her goal is to create awareness on how the body works when moving different groups of muscles and how her students can benefit from doing the exercises the right way.

She has different interests ranging from doing Yoga and dance, to animals, and also to prepare delicious meals for her family. She is a vegetarian who likes to explore delicious meals that can be served without meat.

  • Pilates academy International

    - All Population Mat

    - Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Posture Analysis

    - Have a Ball Course

    - Pre-Post Natal Pilates

  • Fitness innovation Singapore-  High Intensity Interval Training

  • Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore- Hatha and Vinyasa yoga