Pilates Instructor

Flora's fitness journey began when she was looking for ways to cope with work stress. As a choir instructor at a secondary school, it really did her head in sometimes and as soon as she started taking a few mind, body and soul classes like pilates and yoga, she felt stronger and healthier to push through work, especially during competition seasons and events.

Eventually, Flora realised that the principles of pilates are also applicable to help her students sing better and thus grew a strong interest in modifying each pilates session to suit different lifestyles. That's when she decided to become a certified pilates instructor which opened a whole other world of possibilities. The more people Flora taught, the more she wanted to learn!

Flora specializes in non-equipment and matwork workouts that focuses on mobility and flexibility. While she's open to improve anyone's lifestyles, Flora works especially great with singers, teenage choristers and musicians.


  • Stott Pilates Matwork

  • Stott Matwork (Advanced)

  • Stott Pilates for injuries and special populations

  • Fletcher Pilates Intensive

  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1