What Not to Expect From Personal Training

Everyone has a different view of what personal training (PT) should be like, especially if you’ve decided to sign up for a new PT package or have been through one before without knowing what’s coming. When expectations are not properly aligned between trainer and client, it usually leads to unpleasant experiences, unhappy people and zero results.

I am both a personal trainer and PT client myself - I had to go through 4 personal trainers before I found the right one. It was exhausting and total waste of my money and time. Before you dive into your trainings, here are a few things you should never expect out of personal training programes.


1. Magical Results

It’s not realistic to come into the gym, sit down with your new found trainer and expect to lose 15 kg in a month. With so many transformative before-and-afters everywhere we go, we form unrealistic goals and expectations of ourselves. If you ever meet a trainer who says they can help you do that, be very cautious as there are 2 things that may be happening:

  • You achieve a dramatic weight loss but feel hungry, deprived, low in energy, and unhappy by the end of the month. You’ll also start indulging in all the food in sight after reaching your goal and rebounding back to the same starting weight

  • Your trainer is trying to sell you more sessions to help you achieve your unrealistic goal by the end of the month

Realistically, a sustainable fitness plan should only be helping you lose up to 2kg in a month by working out 2 to 3 times a week while catering to your food choices. This may be a little less true for bigger-sized people who tend to lose weight faster as they are burning a lot more while working out but always remember, PT isn’t MAGIC and you shouldn’t expect to be paying for fast results.

2. Do-it-yourself

Why is there a need to hire a personal trainer when you can just search online for exercise programmes? What PT can offer is an expertise in your personal growth, telling you what exactly you should be feeling in an exercise or making sure you’re doing it safely. For example, if you were supposed to do 100 squats, you’ll probably tire out only your front thighs like most people but in fact, it’s suppose to work on your back thighs, butt, core and outer thighs. YouTube videos can only do so much to teach you how to activate them but your personal trainer is able to watch how you’re doing it and break it down for you to correct your movements, while keeping an eye out for possible injuries. (Remember to read up on the 5 exercises to do at home and check if you are working on the right muscles)

3. 24/7 Hotline


Passionate and committed trainers (like our team :P) welcome questions from our clients - we really couldn’t be more happy to share our knowledge. But be very mindful that we also have many other clients besides you so we will sometimes be bombarded with more than just fitness-related conversations, receiving private messages from clients about advice on their lives. I’m not saying you can’t ask us questions or communicate with us outside of your PT sessions, but do try to keep the questions related to your current fitness goals, training program and within the trainer’s specializations. Also, try collating your questions and asking them at scheduled training to keep it professional and respect our jobs!

If you would like to know more about personal training feel free to contact us to arrange for a personal training consultation with me!

To Sustainable Fitness
<3 Gina Chan