Meal Prep The Lazy Way

Shopping around the supermarket for ingredients, cutting the ingredients in the kitchen and cooking them into meals. When you hear the words “meal prep”, these are probably some of the things that comes to your mind.

Unfortunately, this takes up a lot of time that many of us cannot afford, which often gives a false impression that preparing meals for yourselves to eat healthier to be difficult. Fortunately, there are easier ways to help you prepare your meals. Here are three ways to help you get your meals prepared faster!

1. Prepare Your Ingredients in Bulk


Preparing your ingredients can be as simple as cutting vegetables or marinating meat in bulk. This allows you to have more ingredients available to cook when you need them. You can also reserve an hour or two to cook multiple meals for the following days to consume. Either way, this reduces the amount of time you need to prepare your meals.

Example: Cook enough chicken for a week worth of lunch, pack them into 7 separate lunchboxes and store them into the freezer. Bring it down to chiller to defrost 1 day before consumption. Just heat it up with a microwave and you are ready to eat!

2. Purchase Frozen or Pre-Cut Ingredients


If chopping, cutting or marinating meat is not something you want to do, pre-cut ingredients which are widely available for purchase in many supermarkets might be something to consider. From frozen vegetables to marinated beef bulgogi, there are no lack of varieties. In fact, you can even purchase the ingredients online, and have them delivered directly to your home! Since you are going to buy in bulk, you might just get your delivery FREE as well if you meet the minimum purchase.

Online Supermarket Shopping: Honestbee, Redmart, FairPrice On

3. Consider using Ready-to-Eat meals as part of your preparation


Perhaps cooking all your meals is not what you would like to do. After all, you may not have enough space in the refrigerator to keep that many boxes of food. Thankfully, preparing healthy meals is longer limited to the kitchen.

Frozen Food or Meal Delivery services might be your next best option, and you can purchase them in bulk. Ready-to-eat healthy meals are now available in both online and major supermarkets with a wide variety of flavours at an affordable cost, making healthy eating accessible and convenient. Adding this option into your meal planning process can help to reduce time spent on your food while still getting the nutrients that you need!

Examples of meal prep to your door services: Fresher, Grain, YOLO


Hope this will help change your mind set on meal prepping and give these tips a go! Sometimes if you want convenience, you got to fork out a little bit of ka-ching ($$), but if it helps improve your lifestyle and increase your energy by just eating better through those meal prep services I would say it would be all worth it. Just like how we spend more $$ on supplements and “stuff” to improve our health.

Write in to us to let us know if you have any other questions if not, see you in our next blog post~

This post is written by our sports nutritionist, James Yeo.

For the individual: If you would like to know more about nutrition and how our nutritionist can help you to achieve healthy and effective eating, contact us for a free consultation.

For the corporate: James also conducts nutrition talks under our corporate health programs on practical topics such as choosing the right food when eating out and how to prepare your meals efficiently and effectively.