How To Differentiate A Good Trainer From A Great One?

Here comes the big question: How do I know if he/she is “The One”?

Of course, I’m referring to Personal Trainers (PTs). There are hundreds of PTs in Singapore which makes it hard for us to choose from. Besides stating the obvious (trainer has to be qualified), how do you make sure that the trainer you are paying for is better than the rest?

Characteristics of a good trainer

1. Able to get the job done

Yes, you are able to achieve your goal with the trainer, but that’s it. A transactional relationship. You pay the trainer to train you, the trainer trains you to get paid. However, in this day and age, expectations have increased. Is that enough?

Characteristics of a GREAT trainer

1. Admits it when he/she does not have the answers to your questions

No one has all the answers. We are all humans with a limited capacity of knowledge no matter how many years of experience. When unable to provide an answer at the point of time, a great trainer will not bullshit his/her way through but will get back to you at a later time, which leads me to point #2.

2. Constantly upgrades him/herself with new knowledge & skills

Read Books.gif

There are many contradicting claims surrounding the health & fitness industry, which you would realize if you’ve ever tried googling for information. A great trainer will constantly read up on scientifically proven journal articles and research papers from credible sources or attend courses to keep up with the latest findings, instead of relying on websites with no proof backing the statements they claim.

3. Motivates and celebrates minor milestones with you


Besides working towards your goal, a great trainer will acknowledge your efforts and other smaller milestones achieved. Here’s a simple example, your goal is to lose 5kg. A good trainer will push you to lose the remaining 2kg, but a great trainer will celebrate your ability to keep the initial 3kg lost consistently, as well as pointing out your ability to cope with a higher intensity workout such as completing an exercise with higher repetitions. You may even be motivated to find a new goal after you’ve met your initial goal i.e. to be stronger or more flexible.

4. Value-adds the sessions by explaining the rationale behind the exercises

I know of friends who “just do whatever the PT tell me to do” without understanding why. A great trainer will explain the reason for doing the type of exercises prescribed as well as the volume of the workouts (resistance, number of repetitions/sets, duration of rest). This allows you to be equipped with the knowledge on why you are doing certain exercises and why sometimes more reps/resistance is increased or decreased. This also enables you to look forward to the next session and see improvements, allowing you to stick to the planned program consistently.

5. Cares about your general well-being

Last but not least, a great trainer is concerned about your overall health. Flexibility, mobility, balance and strength are a few of the important aspects that prevent injuries and falls. A great trainer will incorporate exercises targeting these into your exercise program.

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