How Piloxing Changed Nana's Life

We all feel uncomfortable when we step out of our comfort zone and try something new. However, this is also when we are far from our element and get to experience and learn the most. Remember that one time when you were pleasantly surprised by something you tried out and even found yourself liking it?

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Same applies to trying out new fitness classes. You may not be seeing any improvements from doing your standard exercise routine, or even find yourself dreading to work out from repeating the same exercises for like ten years in a row. In addition, finding time to keep fit isn’t easy if you do not set your priorities well. If you start with programs that are too difficult or just not your cup of tea, you might end up losing interest and giving up shortly.

Bad Coordination & Strained Knees - Before Piloxing

I still remember when I first started working out two years ago, the tempo of the program that I tried was a little bit too fast for me and I couldn’t differentiate between my left and right, much less coordinate my arms and legs. While attempting to follow the class, I jumped and turned here and there, and started feeling strain on my knees. It was not a very good start, but I continued my search for something suited for me.

When I was introduced to Piloxing SSP (Sleek, Sexy and Powerful), I felt that the moves were simple, and I especially loved the standing Pilates blocks. Thankfully, the dance moves were easy to follow and I finally found my arms and legs. And the best part is, my knees felt better, and my core and arm muscles were slowly built up.

What actually is Piloxing?

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As the name suggests, Piloxing is a fusion of standing Pilates and boxing. It also includes an element of dance to add the fun factor when you shake your hips and move to the groove of the music. Being a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, it works on your cardiovascular health by raising your heart rate during boxing exercises and lowering it down during standing Pilates. Your core will be strengthened and your body sculpted.

There is minimum jumping involved, so it’s really easy on the knees and is suitable for beginners. You can slowly condition the body from doing it with body-weight to increasing the intensity by donning the weighed Piloxing gloves which are 250g per piece, as it adds more resistance to toning your arms.

Why do I (and other people) love Piloxing?

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With time (or the lack of it) being the main excuse for inactivity nowadays, each Piloxing session can be done within an hour. Aside from strengthening your muscles and improving your stamina, Piloxing also helps you to balance better and not having stiff bodies and joints, all while having fun moving and dancing to the music and having a good sweat.

Participants often share with me that they enjoyed the classes because they see improvements in themselves. Don’t give anymore excuses or waste anymore time! Just grab a water bottle and towel and head out to a Piloxing class!

This entry is written by our Piloxing instructor, Nana Yip.

Piloxing is one of our SME Health+ approved programs. Companies who would like your employees to be active, healthy, and also have a mini bonding session at the same time can reach out to us to see if your company is eligible for the funding.