5 Habits to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Habit: something that you do regularly and sometimes even involuntarily

Kick starting a healthier lifestyle is just as important as being able to sustain it in the long run and not only for the time being. E.g. going all out on chicken breast and salads just because you suddenly feel super pumped to get healthier. That’s why in these 5 points, I will be emphasizing a lot on HABITS which are REALLY EASY to implement. I don’t expect you to carry out all of them today, but at least try them one by one. JIAYOU!


Do you know that our human body consist of an average of 60% water? Think about it, if our body is like a battery that can only function by recharging ourselves with water daily, what if we don’t recharge ourselves at all? As simple as just hydrating yourself will ensure your body will do what it needs to be done to keep on functioning optimally. I used to carry 1.5L bottle in my bag so that I will drink faster to lighten my bag load. Sounds weird? But it works for me! How do you know if you’re drinking enough water? Just check your pee colour, it should be light yellow to clear.


I’m not asking you to go for a run or gym every single day because it’s obviously not very realistic, but clocking steps is!!! I don’t expect you to aim straight for 10,000 steps a day either, but take it slow and steady. Let’s say if you are currently only clocking 2,000 steps a day, aim for 5,000 steps for the whole of this month, then 7,000 the following month, and then gradually hitting 10,000 steps a day which is the optimal. To make this more fun, challenge a friend to do this with you and “report” to one another the number of steps daily or weekly, and if one of you don’t fulfill the targeted number of steps, do a forfeit e.g. 50 push ups! HAHA

If you do not own a wearable fitness tracker, do not fret. Some phones already have an in-built step tracker like the “Health” app on iPhone but there are also apps out there like “Google Fit” that can track your activity as well.


I know this seem to be all common sense but as humans, we need constant reminders. Yes, you can still eat out. However, make wise decisions when choosing where and what to eat. When you flip through the menu and decide to go for fish, will you choose the deep-fried fish and chips filled with juicy fatty oil or grilled fish with steamed rice? Chicken with or without skin? I’m sure all of us know the “correct” answer, but the real question is, are you willing to make that change? Yes? Then make it a habit!


I have people coming to tell me that they are already “super healthy” because they exercise regularly and eat well, but I will then ask them this question: How about getting good sleep/rest? Insufficient sleep might just backfire your regular exercise routine as you are not giving your body the time to recover fully. I always emphasize on my “3 Keys to Sustainable Fitness”.

3 Keys to Sustainable Fitness.jpg

It is incomplete if any of these points are not fulfilled. The “You” category involves sleep, rest, and stress. Aside from nagging at you, a personal trainer can’t help you on that. You yourself need to be ready to prioritize your health to be willing to take these steps. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep daily, and or for those who are sleep-deprived, try getting one hour extra sleep per month until you reach the recommended range.


When we are happy, our body produce positive hormones, let’s call these happy hormones. These hormones help us to combat stress, boost immune system and most importantly helps us to make better decisions when it comes to food (I’m sure you know of someone or maybe even yourself who “stress-eat”).  Make time for yourself, spend time with your loved ones, and surround yourself with positive people.

I know it’s easier said than done but try ok! At least now you have a simple guide to kick start your journey. If it helps, do come and join our monthly #sgfitfamcommunity get-together where you can make new friends over a friendly game of captain’s ball and get the right social support in place for a healthier lifestyle. We want to be part of it! Click Subscribe below to our newsletter to get updated.

Till next time <3

-Gina Chan
Founder of SgFitFam